Corporate Goals and Values

gba-int-comroom3-06SLAVIK MANAGEMENT is committed to providing quality living environments for residents.  We are dedicated to the goals and objectives of our clients and employees.  As a company we strive to provide feature apartment homes for our residents and premium service to our clients.

SLAVIK MANAGEMENT is an honorable organization committed to fair and equal housing and employment opportunities.  Our professional relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. We value all business relationships with clients, residents and employees.

Our Goals for Clients:

  • Increase community occupancy
  • Respond quickly to the changing needs in markets
  • Use technology and advertising to maximize traffic

Our Goals for Residents:

  • Provide fair and equal housing
  • Respond to residents needs in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate professionalism and friendliness
  • Enhance the quality of living

Our Goals for Employees:

  • Create a motivational and learning environment
  • Provide opportunities for technical and educational development
  • Support individual relationship and leadership positions in business related and community organizations
  • Contribute to occupational growth and development